Choose your stamping - Teacher Gift Vintage Spoon

Choose your stamping - Teacher Gift Vintage Spoon
Choose your stamping - Teacher Gift Vintage Spoon Choose your stamping - Teacher Gift Vintage Spoon
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Choose your stamping - Teacher Gift Vintage Spoon

Gorgeous single vintage spoon stamped as a special and unique gift for a favourite teacher.

Single spoons are $35.50 / Pairs of spoons are $47.50 (when purchased in the same transaction) - you have the option below of purchasing either a single spoon or a pair (2) spoons.

Some examples of stamping;

'It takes a big heart to shape little minds'

'Thank you for helping me grow - {child's first name & year}'

Please include your requested stamping in the field below and whether you would like black inking added to the stamping.

Please note: spoons styles will vary, so you will receive either a soup spoon or dessert spoon from our stocks of vintage spoons. Please note we are currenty running low on dessert spoons, so you may be sent a soup spoon rather than a dessert spoon for your order. These are the same size, they just have a rounded face, rather than an oval face. If you do not want a soup spoon - please contact us BEFORE placing your order to check if we have any dessert spoons left in stock. Otherwise you will be sent a soup spoon, if no dessert spoons are available.

All items come gift boxed ready for gift giving and include a polishing pad and care instructions.

Dimensions: Approximately 17cm long.

Material: Vintage silver plated silverware.

Care instructions: Not suitable for dishwashers. Please hand wash in warm water with mild detergent and dry with a soft cloth. Lightly polish as required.

Made in Australia: Hand stamped in Australia.

The hand-stamping process is not perfect. Each letter or symbol is individually stamped, one letter at a time. Slight imperfections are all part of the stamping process. The vintage silverware is sourced from antique stores around the world. They may be up to 100 + years old, and may show some signs of wear such as minor tarnishing, small scratches and/or other imperfections. These are considered part of the vintage look of this item.

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Stamping requirements;:
Black ink added to stamping;:
Single or Pair of Spoons;:

Price: $35.50

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